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Farewell 85th Street

Farewell 85th Street

Performed at Mannes School of Music on 85th Street, 2015

A Special Musical Event. Featuring performances, presentations, and special exhibits to celebrate and reflect on the history, legacy, and future of the Mannes School of Music.

In Collaboration with Nell Flanders (Director and Producer of the Event) from Mannes School of Music.

Art Director: SooA Kim

Video Production Team: Andrew Zoleta and Wonjun Jung.

Photograph Exhibition Team: Nicholai Kellman, Hye Ryung Na and Jeana Lindo.

Graphic Design/Promotion Team: Carolina Acosta, Onehee Ryu and Hye Ryung Na

Crew: Olivia Wong, Hye Ryung Na, Jeana Lindo, Wonjun Jung, Onehee Ryu.