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New York Counterpoint

Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint

The project has been selected for inclusion in the Emerging Exhibit from the USA for 2019 Prague Quadrennial and USITT Stage Expo 2019.

Performed at Johanneskirche, in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2016

 "Written for ten pre-recorded clarinets. One live solo clarinet the soloist has to record the ten clarinet parts which will accompany him in the live performance. You see the performer one time on stage but you will hear him 11 times in total during the piece." - Sebastian Lambertz

Projection depicts the collage of New York scenery created by the manipulation of sound and gesture from the clarinetist.

Full Running Time: 10:08min.

Media Design and Art direction by SooA Kim

In collaboration with Sebastian Lambertz (Director and Clarinetist), Das Junge Orchester NRW and Matthew Stewart (Production Engineer)

Documented by students at the Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf, Germany: Jonas Geyersberger, Clemens Hörlbacher, Patrick Stäudle, Malte Weitkamp