Rise, Awaken

Rise, Awaken 

This video was screened for exhibition at Heritage Space in Hanoi, Vietnam. 2018 and Yamaha Artist Services in New York.

SEAS: Sustainable Environment through the Arts & Sciences

“SEAS draws us into the world of birds. The artists step into the skins of a species endangered by our continued exploitation of our environment and are transported instantly into their realm, fraught with hunger, disease, plastics, pollution, deforestation, fires, and oil spills. Trapped in bird bodies, the artists undergo a transformation, until the human spirit and bird are one, suffering and diminishing together.” "

“Given the limited reach of scientific publication, and the polarizing nature of the topic, communicating the subtle gravitas of climate change is notoriously challenging. SEAS attempts instead to communicate this global issue as a visceral, emotional message via its unique collaboration. We distill the scientific argument into an accessible message expressed as a performance, tangibly felt and easily shared.” - Juliann Ma

Video by SooA Kim 2016.

In collaboration with Juliann Ma and SEAS Performers

Production and Screening History:

Carnegie Hall, NYC. 2017

Yamaha Artist Services New York. 2018

Heritage Space, Hanoi, Vietnam. 2018